Max Out for Vets Fundraiser

Each day, we go about our lives. We work; we spend time with family; we eat, sleep, and exercise. But while we lead our normal lives, there are U.S. troops and families whose entire lives are turned upside-down by the call of service. While we might “max out” at the gym, we only enjoy these freedoms because troops have spent months and years of their lives “maxing out” to protect our freedoms.

During the month of March, the Tomci Foundation will be calling on Americans to “max out” on push-ups every day, film their work, post the videos to social media, and pledge to donate just one penny per push-up. We hope you will consider calling on friends and family to either: (1) pledge to pay a penny per push-up that you do, or (2) start doing push-ups themselves, and call on their own networks to join.

To pledge a penny for each one of my push-ups in March, please comment with #PennyPledge (pledge capped at $20.00). To do your own push-ups, comment with #MaxOutForVets. Donate HERE.

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